One of the more frustrating moments of sharing my thoughts with others online is how often I get a negative response to what I say that does not seem to understand what I was saying, which often does not even understand what the subject at hand is. It makes the discussion feel like it is not really being discussed at all, but that I am carelessly throwing words and paragraphs out like a ball to be caught or hit or kicked in response. If someone agrees with what they think my sentiment is, they catch it. If they find what they think my sentiment is to be displeasing, they kick it.

This “sentiment” they assume exists on a plane of love or hate. Perhaps this is because I am discussing something which deals with fandom, but I get similar responses when giving my opinion on a law or state proposition. The plane is just changed from fan/hater to conservative/liberal. While I have never considered myself to be of any political ideology, I do consider myself a fan of many things.

When trying to break this thinking, I have to restate my meaning. This is annoying, but not a bad thing. From then on, it seems that each step of the way takes a restating. Why? Once I get past the first wall, they return right back to single plane thinking at the next response. Would the response be different if I had some authority? Is it lack of respect or just the general conditioning people have that make saying anything that has no regard for a love/hate sentiment so implausible to others?

I have a feeling that when I do a write up of Other M in the coming weeks that this problem will launch itself upon me again.